Monday, August 31, 2009

"It's All Good" on FOX-TV

Fox-TV has a show in Japan called "Backstage Pass" that spotlights films in Japanese theaters, mainly Hollywood blockbusters. During the rehearsal and shooting of "It's All Good," some of the people at the show paid the set a visit to gather coverage for a piece they were doing on independent films and filmmakers in Japan.

The show ran this past week on TV in Japan and today they upped it to the web. Of course I'm really happy to have this run. But what I'm not happy about is that as the film is still in post-production the scenes shown from the actual film are incomplete. For example, the music is from my first film, The iDol, and not the film's actual score. You'll notice that the TV to the right of Stephanie has green marks on it. This is because a TV picture will be fit in later on. And the worst offender, the quick zoom in on Stephanie as she holds the alien parasite, which is a total place marker FX shot.

But what can you do? Just happy to get the word out!

Here's the link:


  1. Rough footage or not, this looks really cool! I'm really looking forward to seeing the finished film!

  2. Yeah don't let peole seeing rough footage bother you. It's all out there or I guess you could say It's All Good.

  3. Yeah, Robert... you're right.
    But I'm kind of a perfectionist... for better or for worse.