Tuesday, March 31, 2009

FM Night... MORE!

Found a couple of shots on-line from reviews of the show. Didn't have any of myself, you know. I was too busy to take many anyway. In fact, I was so busy at the show that I didn't even eat all day!

The event officially came to a close the next night after all those involved had a wrap party. Chris Walas also did an autograph meet at the store Bandit near Yoyogi Station in Tokyo the following day. I got there near the end of the session and was kind of surprised to see such a long line. But I really shouldn't have been. It's mostly because of his work on GREMLINS, a hugely popular film in Japan, that drives his popularity here. In fact, one woman who came started crying she was so happy to meet Chris. As I explained to him: Japan is kind of a repressed society so when people have the chance, the flood gates are open!

After this we all went out for eats. I spent most of my time with Mayu, Kumi, Dr Abbey (Kumi's manager) and Horii, who lent me his guitar for the show. As is typical at these things everyone sat themselves in descending order of importance, with guest of honor Chris at the head of the table surrounded by Masters of Ceremony Hijiri and Ishida. I opted for the side table so I could chill with the women. (Chris admitted later that he felt I got the better of the deal... as I said to him, "It's lonely at the top, man!")

We all had a wonderful time and it put a nice cap on the show. Especially after this. The other table decided to go to Karaoke, something I hate. So the group at my table went to a small cafe and spent the time writing messages to each other in some of the leftover program books.

It's moments like this and when I'm with such terrific people that I am happy about my decision to move abroad and live in Japan.

My biggest thanks go out to Dr. Abbey and Kumi, who are two of the sweetest people I've met in Japan. Love you guys!!!

Here are some new shots from the show:

This is the main hall... It's a Buddhist temple after all!

This was during our Forry tribute... I was kind of choked up.

This is from my stage talk... Not sure what I was going on about. Something important, no doubt. (I guess I was checking my notes written in invisible ink on invisible paper...?)

This is Kumi and I on stage. Her voice is as sweet as her looks! I kicked ass too!

This is Chihiro, who I met at Yubari Film Fest last year. She's into gold...

Here's the after event group crammed into the lobby.

Here now are shots from the next day After Party:
The WAY-COOL table!
* * *

Horii, Mayu, and some white guy!

More from the COOL table!
Just in case you forgot how lovely Mayu is!
Me, Yukiko (who did makeup FXs on my film FEED ME) and Chris!
Oh my god! It's the crying girl again stalking Chris on the street!!!


  1. Thats so cool for her to meet him. I know what she means. I feel it is an honor to meet Japanese guests when they come here to the states...!

  2. Mayu is a cutie. Norm you lucky dog you!

  3. Awesome Norman, see I check your blog! Hehehe!

  4. Wow, it looks like fun, especialy since you can play guitar. And that just kicks butt.

    You can talk about film history. You can play guitar. You can direct films. Is there anything you can't do? Wow!

  5. I'm going to go out on a limb here and guess that he can't give birth. ...I think that's a pretty safe bet.