Friday, March 6, 2009

Busy... Busy... Busy...

Spent Saturday readjusting the music of "Feed Me" to my latest and *by all that is holy* final cut of the film! (Is it a crime to like to tinker?)

The man doing the score is Giuseppe Strano, an Italian living in Tokyo. I met Pepe(his nickname) a bit over a year ago at the Shimokita shisha place I frequent and we became fast friends. Pepe, like me, is a total music nut. We found that we both share a passion for artists such as Brian Eno, Led Zeppelin and Goblin. This last point was one of the reasons why I sought Pepe for the music for Feed Me. Much of my favorite film music was composed by Italians. In particular, the horror scores of men like Claudio Simonetti and Fabio Frizzi. Amazing stuff there! Not only was Pepe familiar with their names, but their work too. He knew right away what I was after. And what a great score he delivered! It's got tastes of Goblin and Frizzi, but is equally original.

Pepe's personal music is also very high quality. He played me a new track during a break. As usual, I was engaged until the end of the piece. He's asked me to play on one of his pieces in the future, as well as to direct one of his music videos. I'm all for that!

At the end of the month, as mentioned in a previous blog, I'll be a guest at the first Famous Monster's Night event being held in Tsukiji. One of the things I'm excited about is that I'll be playing a song on stage with my friend Cumy. Saki Hijiri, founder of the magazine Uchusen Magazine and our event leader, asked us to do a song from the sci-fi film "Silent Running." You know, that Joan Baez hippie ditty “Rejoice in the Sun.” It'll be my first time to perform music in front an audience in nearly twenty-years! But I'm looking forward to it. It's gonna be great!

Here's the in-progress website for the event:

I met Cumy a couple of months ago along with her manager Dr. Abbey. They are both really solid people and have brought me into a whole new circle of friends. Cumy works in Tokyo as a model and a singer. She's also done some acting in the past and is hoping to get back into the field. Besides being one of the prettiest women I've had the pleasure to meet, she's also one of the kindest. Working and hanging out with her is always enjoyable. If our stage performance goes over well we're hoping to do more such performances together. At least at future Famous Monster Night events.

In addition, Cumy is the #1 web poet in Japan! She's a very special woman!

Here’s a link to Cumy’s site:

As for my upcoming film... Looks like it's set to shoot at the start of May. I'm talking to a really cool actress for the lead female role. I also enlisted Takeshi Yagi as my Assistant Director. Yagi-san is, for those who don't know, a long time producer at Tsuburaya and directed the last Ultraman feature. I'll post more info here when I have something to report... 

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  1. Norman-
    Nice blog. I was wondering if you could contact me. I would love some Forry Ackerman memorabilia from the Japanese tribute event. I attended the one at the Egyptian theater and maybe we could trade off some stuff. I am interested in any posters, programs, promotional items, etc etc with Forry on it. Also I was wondering if there was any contact information for Hajime Ishida. I have a couple of his books on monster movies and wanted some more info.