Saturday, January 24, 2009

Reaching the end of... FEED ME!

Got back into the editing of FEED ME. This is a new film I've been working on with my friend JR Lipartito. We shot it over the summer and are nearing the end of the edit. It's kind of a sad time when you reach the end of the line on this kind of thing, especially when it's enjoyable and stretches you creatively. 

One of the things I enjoyed about working on FEED ME was that the cast and crew were, with the exception of our DP Rob and ghost actress Mariko, for the most part non-pros (oh, yeah, and one of our PAs was Ultraman director Takeshi Yagi). It was a good opportunity to see what makes a pro a pro. This in no way means that the people working on the film didn't give their all. They did. And the results exceeded my hopes in many ways. It's a small film with a budget of around $1,000, which the final results, in my opinion, belie. 

The film also marks the first time I could work with JR, a fellow New Yorker living in Japan I first met back in early 2002 during a talk show given by director Shusuke Kaneko and monster suit maker Fuyuki Shinda at the Okamoto Taro museum. JR, like me, has wanted to be a filmmaker for the longest time and, like me, is working to make that desire a reality. Actually, he worked on my documentary "Bringing Godzilla Down to Size," so I guess you can say this is our second time to work together. But on that film he had the less-than-glamorous position of P2 Card handler. For FEED ME, JR took on the task of producer and editor. As one of the most agreeable people I know, it was and remains a pleasure to work with him and we are already planning our next film, a story that I wrote called IT'S ALL GOOD.

Speaking of this, I'm a little unhappy because I was supposed to have shot that film last week, but my lead actress got a gig in a US film and had to leave Japan. For the moment the production is pushed back until she returns. More on this film when there is something to write about.

For now, FEED ME is coming to an end. When it's done I'm thinking to make it available on the web via a download. More on that when there is something to write about.


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    This film seems interesting. But saddly, I have not seen your film THE IDOL...

  3. Thanks for the comment.
    I'm working on getting The iDol released. These things take time, you know!